The first in a new series… SHIP DESOLATE is live now!

In the spirit of the new year, this story starts a new series of short stories with new people and new challenges.

In a world of tech, can a space ship be haunted?

Out in the cold of space, Tal and Josue find an old derelict and swoop into salvage it, but the onboard AI is still running, and waiting…

Available at Amazon now. I hope you enjoy it!


Remember that story I was telling you about that won an Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future?

Well, here’s the cover!

I am no artist, so I asked local artist Adrien Raigne to draw a ship for me, and it turned out beautifully!

SHIP DESOLATE: In a word of tech, can a spaceship be haunted?

Looking for a quick, mysterious read? This story will be available for pre-order the 12th and available for purchase the 19th… I hope you enjoy it!