Slave Space – Author Quote

Do you have a favorite author? One you might stalk on social media? One who – if you saw them in person you would hyperventilate and possibly not be able to remember your own name?

I do.

AND she read Slave Space.

AND she said the nicest things about it!

“Taut, gritty, and gripping from start to finish. My kind of SF. — Holly Lisle”

If you haven’t read Holly, I highly recommend her. You can find her fiction and non-fiction books here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hyperventilate.

Storytime Blog Hop: October 2016

To celebrate Halloween, I’ve got a free short story for you here

spooky-space-cover¬†Platform regulations are the last thing on Officer Cordova’s mind during a Halloween party, but then things get a little spooky…

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