Crowns Peak History

For all of you reading the Crowns Peak series – CREEPER, AVA’S QUEST, and soon-to-be-finished (I hope) LAST MAGE STANDING, have you ever wondered about the history of Ava’s home?

I have to admit, I have, and while writing last weekend, I discovered a bit more of it…

Following is an excerpt of the rough draft:

According to the one history class Ava had taken during her time at the king’s mage school, these highborn manors and the palace complex itself had been built on the bones of the old settlement when the Aeronswell family assassinated the previous monarchy for using the lowborns’ life-energy to for some nefarious purpose. Her teacher at the time, Mage Bennet, claimed that all the names of that monarchy and the spells themselves had been erased from the minds and records of Crowns Peak by the Aeronswells.

The dragon knew better.

Dragon’s Apprentice Ava has a lot more secrets in this book. Secrets that could hurt her friends, secrets that could destroy her dead father’s family, and secrets that could ruin the current monarchy of Crowns Peak.

I’m excited to find out which ones she keeps and which ones she lets slip!

How about you?

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Creeper Slavers have come to Crowns Peak.
For Creeper, a street urchin living rough in the slums, that fact is just one more in a long list of everyday realities she has to deal with.
But what if there were a better place for her, a place where she might be safe? Safe from the coming winter, from the older littles who bully her, from the king’s guards who want to take her, and perhaps even from the slavers.
Creeper might just have found such a place… within the palace walls, surrounded by the very guards she has been taught to fear. But better in here than out there.
Or is it?
Secrets swirl within those walls, and old hatreds bubble close to the surface. Creeper will have to navigate very carefully if she is to remain safe, remain welcome.
Outside the walls, however, the littles from Creeper’s old life are being snatched up one by one…