Author Interviewed… Me!

So fun!

I just wanted let you know that I was interviewed by Ally Shields… see the interview here. It was so fun answering some questions about my writing process and about Creeper. Just FYI, I’m almost to the end of that series – CreeperAva’s Quest, are available now, and Last Mage Standing is about halfway written. I hope to have it to you this fall (or winter, depending on how the Day Job goes)!

I was also interviewed last month by Anastasia Pollack — which was very cool, since she’s actually a character in Lois Winston’s mystery series — about Darkest Space If you missed it, that interview is here.

I did get Blood Descendant (a new stand-alone that’s a little dark) back from the editor, so as soon as I get the cover done, I’ll let you know…

Both interviews were a blast, and I would love it if you would stop by and leave a comment! Again the link for Ally’s interview is here. I have to admit her books look amazing. I’ve put the first one on my To Be Read list.

I hope you enjoy these… leave a comment and let me know!