In case you didn’t see it on Facebook or Twitter, here is the cover for Slave Space…

Officer Cordova has finally found a little rest, a bit of happiness, and some peace of mind on Platform Eight, but time has never truly been on her side. When an old evil returns to Amy’s platform, she will have to fight ghosts both present and past to finally be free of her greatest foe, and this time the cost will be greater than ever before.

On presale now and available 1/25 for $0.99. Price goes up to $1.99 on 2/1.


Oh, and it’s a little dark.


Christmas 2016

 Merry Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Festivus/ Solstice /Eid Whatever you choose to celebrate.

I am so grateful for wonderful friends and family who read blog posts and/or my books. I love you all!


SLAVE SPACE is being edited, coming soon.

WITCH’S PET was entered in a contest – should find out February-ish… You’ll see it sometime after that, and I’m frantically writing a non-european-based fantasy novella for Tor’s open submissions, due January 12. Wish me luck!