Honorable Mention – Writers of the Future Contest

Ship Desolate Honorable Mention

So I wrote a short story, called it Ship Desolate, entered it into a contest and forgot about it.


It sat there in the back of my head until one day I got an astonishing email:

Dear Entrant,

 Your story has been judged and is a Silver Honorable Mention for the 3rd quarter.


Yay! Now I’m working with a local artist on the cover. (I’ve seen his first drawing of the ship and it’s beautiful! Once that’s done, I’ll publish it on Amazon. I’ll keep you posted!

Blood Descendant – Cover Reveal!

I cursed and fretted over this cover for months, but it’s finally here:

Thanks to the husband who provided the cover art… and promptly said no one would see it.

Thanks to the daughter who wanted to draw it, but instead drew something for my office.

Thanks to everyone who put up with my grumpy self while I was working on it, and all my readers who look forward to it!

For a sneak preview of the novella, go here.

Available August 15, 2017!