Ship Heist – Pre-Order Now!

I hope you enjoyed Ship Desolate. Tal and Josue are back in the second high-tech caper story in the Doomsday Ship series, Ship Heist.

Unexpectedly broke and stranded on Balastasia Station, salvager Tal enters into a less-than-savory contract with a mysterious benefactor. It’s a straightforward job… until it’s not.

Available for pre-order now, Ship Heist will hit your kindle on February 23. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Shattered Space featured on Sisters In Crime site!

How fun… Shattered Space is one of the features on the Sisters In Crime website! Go here to check it out– (go to the bottom of the page to see the scrolling covers of Shattered Space and all the other great mysteries)!

If you haven’t picked it up yet, it’s here for Amazon and here for B&N. Enjoy!!