Thanksgiving 2016

thanksgivingSo I had planned on publishing the 6th (official) *Space story, SLAVE SPACE, in November, but I had a bunch of very pushy characters show up with a whole new story pretty much ready to go and demand that it be written immediately.

I gave in, just so they would give me some peace. That story, WITCH’S PET, is out at the editor, and I’ve finally started SLAVE SPACE.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for pushy people… (mostly the ones in my head!) I’m truly blessed to have a wonderful family, long-time friends, a challenging Real Job (TM), amazing co-workers, a beginning writing career, and too many hobbies to count.

May the holidays bring you joy, and if they don’t… I’m only a phone call away and happy to listen.

Airplanes and Change

don’t know what it is. The roar of the jet engines. Gravity forcing me back in my seat. The sudden thrill in my stomach.

It’s adventure time.

Sometimes it’s been for a vacation, sometimes a funeral. This time a certification that will lead to a career change. I threw my white-collar money-making degree away 10 years ago, and now I’m throwing away the blue-collar adrenaline-rush great-stories-to-tell-at-parties job for money and respect. The Administration made it impossible for me to stay, but they don’t believe I’ll go.

Watch me.

Maybe I’m holding on to the hurt and bitterness that has festered all summer. Probably they won’t even notice I’m gone. But I’ll notice. Real paychecks. No more risking my life for the “victim” who will call me a corrupt murderer to the news. My daughter not calling me and asking if I’m safe because she knows I am. Real paychecks.

I’ll miss it. The adrenaline rush. The friendships. The I-made-a-difference stories. The thin blue line.

But it’s time. Let the new adventure begin.